About Us

Foothills Detox Centre

Since 1979, Foothills Centre has provided kind and compassionate care to individuals grappling with the effects of addiction. We hold the conviction that everyone deserves a chance for a brighter future. At Foothills Centre, we are privileged to witness transformations daily, as lives are profoundly changed for the better.

Foothills Alcohol Action Society

The Foothills Centre is governed by the Foothills Alcohol Action Society, a non-profit, charitable society incorporated under the Society Act of Alberta, and is funded by Alberta Health Services, Addictions and Mental Health.

Our History

The Foothills Detox Centre was conceptualized in 1975 when the Fort Macleod Town Council recognized a pressing issue in the community with alcohol abuse and public intoxication.

In the spring of 1976, the Foothills Alcohol Action Committee was established, comprising representatives from the Piegan Reserve, Blood Reserve, and the Town of Fort Macleod. Over the next two years, this group conducted research to assess the actual needs, available facilities, potential funding sources, and the feasibility of integrating a detoxification centre into the continuum of care for those struggling with alcoholism. Fort Macleod, due to its central location in Southern Alberta, was chosen as the recommended location.

The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (AADAC), actively involved from the project’s inception, granted funding in July 1978. The Town of Fort Macleod offered a choice of land at no cost: either two lots at the corner of 5th Avenue and 12th Street or approximately four lots on 18th Street west of 8th Avenue. The latter location was selected, where Foothills Centre currently stands.

In September 1978, a director was hired, and a construction mortgage was secured from the Macleod Savings and Credit Union. Kainai Industries of Standoff was contracted for the construction, which involved seven modular units. By spring 1979, the building was placed on its foundation, and construction was completed.

On October 5, 1979, representatives from provincial and local governments gathered to officially open Foothills Centre, marking the culmination of four years of effort by many individuals committed to supporting the community and providing a safe, caring environment for those suffering from addiction.

On October 18, 2019, the Foothills Centre Board of Directors, staff, representatives from the Town of Fort Macleod, Alberta Health Services, and many community friends celebrated Foothills Centre’s 40th Anniversary.

This year we celebrate our 45th Anniversary and the privilege of having been able to help countless individuals and their families over the past four and a half decades.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


Empowering individuals and families affected by addiction with the courage to initiate positive change.


To assist individuals and families with addiction related problems and encourage healthier lifestyles.


  • We value people, we believe in their ability to be successful and treat them with respect.
  • We value individuals, families, and communities as partners in addressing addiction issues.
  • We value our staff, and their knowledge, skills, initiatives, and capabilities.

Accreditation, Licensing & Awards

Accreditation signifies the recognition by an accrediting agency that an institution upholds specific standards of quality. In Canada, Accreditation Canada is the body responsible for evaluating and awarding accreditation status.

The standards set by Accreditation Canada are designed to ensure programs aim for the highest possible quality and safety for patients, clients, residents, and their families, emphasizing continuous quality improvement.

The accreditation cycle spans four years, and Foothills Centre proudly holds accreditation status until 2027, having been continuously accredited since 2010.

Foothills Centre has achieved the distinction of being Accredited with Commendation by Accreditation Canada, a recognition given to organizations that exceed the foundational requirements of the accreditation process.


Foothills Centre is a licensed Residential Addition Treatment Provider under the Alberta Mental Health Services Protection Act (MHSPA).


Foothills Centre is a member of the Fort Macleod Chamber of Commerce and the Alberta Addiction Service Providers (AASP).


Who can use Foothills Centre detox?

Anyone who is requiring detoxification from alcohol and/or drugs and is over 18 years of age.

How do I get in to Detox?

The person who wants to enter the detox program must call our centre and complete a phone interview. Once that interview is complete and upon bed availability, arrangements will be made for admissions.

How long will I be in Detox?

The general stay is 7 to 10 days. Each person will be assessed on an individual basis should a longer stay be required.

What should I bring with me?

  • toothbrush, toothpaste
  • shampoo, conditioner
  • body wash
  • hair brush and/or comb
  • 4 or 5 changes of clothes. (Laundry gets done on site during your stay.)
  • small amounts of money
  • only the absolute essential jewelry

All valuables will be placed in lockup for safekeeping.

What should I NOT bring?

  • Scented products such as perfumes, colognes, and body sprays
  • Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and blades
  • Clothing promoting any type of alcohol, drug, or gambling
  • Electronics, such as cell phones, TVs, cameras, computers, pagers, video games, DVDs, radios, CD players, iPods/pads, MP3 players, etc.
  • Work-related materials such as reports, projects, and papers
  • No bedding or towels

What will I do while I’m here?

  • Attend daily group sessions
  • Attend daily scheduled AA and CA meetings
  • Interact with other clients and staff
  • Abide by resident requirements

Is there a fee to attend detox?

No, detox is covered through your Alberta Health Care.